draymond green-kevin durant

Draymond Green is no stranger to messing up on social media. It was just last summer that the Warriors forward became the sports world’s laughingstock for posting a picture of his genitals on his public Snapchat account. So with that in mind, Green has a useful perspective on his friend and teammate Kevin Durant’s recent social-media scandal, in which the Finals MVP accidentally revealed he spars with fans on “burner” Twitter accounts.

But while Durant says he can’t eat or sleep because he feels so bad about his “idiotic” tweets, Draymond seems to find the whole thing pretty hilarious. Here was Green’s response when he was asked Friday about Durant’s incident:

“I reached out to him. I talked to him, through text, the day of. And then the next day I saw him in person, and I laughed in his face. I got a good laugh out of it. It was pretty funny to me. And I reminded him, ‘Since you want to talk about my mishap,’ I reminded him of my mishap and how we were at USA Basketball the day my mishap happened, I was stressed out, and all of them were laughing in my face, from him to DeMarcus [Cousins]—he probably was the worst—and the beat goes on. They all laughed in my face. So it was a little payback. I stood right there, over there and laughed in his face. And it felt pretty damn good to do it.”

So basically, Draymond had the same reaction to this that the rest of us did. And good for him. Because what are friends for if not mocking your embarrassing social media over-sensitivity, right?

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