Iman Shumpert made plenty of new fans on Saturday and it had nothing to do with basketball.

Kanye West premiered the music video for ‘Fade’ from his acclaimed album The Life of Pablo, at the MTV VMA’s on Sunday night. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard made a surprise appearance.

The visual experience started off heavy, with bombshell Teyana Taylor gyrating in a gym to the song. After about three minutes, Taylor is suddenly in the shower with her real life boyfriend Shumpert, where the two make out in a somewhat graphic scene. The video then cuts to a nude, oiled up Shumpert with Taylor sitting against his back. For whatever reason, Taylor develops the features of a cat. Their daughter, Iman Jr. sits beside them in a room filled with sheep as the camera fades out.(NSFW)

I’d expect nothing less from Kanye West.

The video is perplexing, going from 0 to 100 real quick. Despite its odd, sexual nature, Shumpert was given congratulations for appearing in the video and basically having an amazing life.

Iman Shumpert might not be a great basketball player, averaging just over eight points per game with the Cavaliers in 2015-16, but there’s no denying he’s the MVP at life.

Appearing in a Kanye West video (however bizarre) with his gorgeous girlfriend has propelled him into a new stratosphere of stardom. Fellow players have every right to be jealous. Shump’s got it made.

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