There are some nice NBA matchups tonight ahead of tomorrow’s holiday, games good enough to maybe make you wish the NBA would take a shot at taking over Thanksgiving from the NFL.

The Thunder are putting the wood to the Warriors at the moment in the season’s first game featuring Kevin Durant returning to the building he left. (It’s also the only Golden State trip to Oklahoma City until April, at which point one or both teams might rest starters, so it’s the one that counts.)

Russell Westbrook plays like he’s avenging his entire family just about every game, but he somehow manages to ratchet up the intensity for games against Durant, and he’s done it so far tonight.

Here he is, for example, stealing the ball from Durant and talking about it for a bit:

And here’s what happened right after, which has been typical for the night:

Westbrook has 33 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, and 3 steals through the third quarter.

He also did this:

The Thunder were up 94-71 after three.

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