Dillon Brooks found himself matched up against Steph Curry during Sunday's Rockets vs. Warriors game. It did not go well for Brooks. Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Dillon Brooks played against the Golden State Warriors for the first time as a member of the Houston Rockets on Sunday. The meeting didn’t go particularly well for either Brooks or his team.

While Brooks spread his trash talk around the league during his time with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Warriors were one of his most consistent targets. With that, Sunday night’s game in Houston had a layer of anticipation — or at least, intrigue — to it. Golden State won Sunday night’s game 106-95. Steph Curry led both teams with 24 points. Neither the result of the game nor Curry’s point total were particularly notable. Three of those points, though, were notable. They were also at the expense of Brooks.

Curry was dribbling with Brooks playing defense. Draymond Green set a screen to Curry’s left, but the play didn’t end up going that way, as Curry quickly realized that he didn’t have enough room to operate. So, Curry dribbled to his back and moved to his right. Brooks stayed with him for a while, but that quickly changed.

Curry then unleashed a crossover, faking left and going hard to his right. Brooks was fooled but managed to recover before Curry could get a shot off. But as it turned out, the crossover was only part of it. Thinking Curry was shooting, Brooks leaped at Curry, trying to block a shot. Curry, though, saw it coming. Brooks’ leaping attempt was at a pump fake. After Brooks flew by Curry, the two-time MVP, finally got his shot off from three-point range. To the surprise of precisely nobody, the shot was good.

Curry has made a lot of three-pointers in his career. But his reaction to this one, running down the floor with a hand on each of his cheeks, made it clear that he enjoyed this one more than most of the others.

Curry was not the only person who enjoyed it.

Basketball fans seemed to enjoy seeing the outspoken Brooks get taken to school.



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