Senator Ted Cruz has a serious lovehate relationship with the NBA, but currently, he’s showing his affinity for unvaccinated Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving.

Irving has been at the center of New York City’s COVID vaccine debate since he announced his decision to refuse the jab last year. Conflicting protocols currently allow the seven-time All-Star to be unmasked and in the building for Nets home games, but not on the court.

On Tuesday, Cruz ranted about Irving’s situation, blasting New York City and Democrats for the inconsistent laws that are benching the Nets point guard.

“Here’s how idiotic it is,” Cruz ranted. “Kyrie Irving could go to a game, could sit in the stands not being vaccinated – which he did. That was perfectly okay. But if he actually plays, that’s not permissible. Because apparently, in addition to Diet Coke and peanuts, which we’re told are magical cures for COVID, touching a basketball makes you a lethal threat.”

New York City recently dropped its indoor vaccine rule, but the private sector vaccine mandate still prevents Irving from stepping on the court or in the locker room during home games for Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

“They fined Kyrie Irving because he dared to go to the locker room,” Cruz continued. “Mind you, he’s sitting in the damn stands watching the game. He can go talk to the players at the game – which he did. But when he went to the locker room, $50,000. This is asinine dishonest theatre. Let Kyrie Irving play.”

And if Brooklyn won’t let Irving play, Cruz is recruiting him to Houston where he would be eligible to play for the Rockets. A not-so-enticing offer, considering the Rockets are 17-51 this season and in serious rebuild mode. Nonetheless, Cruz did his best to tamper with the Nets point guard.

“By the way, if Brooklyn won’t let Kyrie play, I’m going to make a pitch to you directly. Kyrie, come to Houston, play for the Rockets. We’ll let you play,” said Cruz. “He’s a hell of a player. Uncle Drew’s being benched by asinine Democratic theater. This is stupid.”

While Cruz is to blame for fueling some of the vaccine debate and hesitancy that remains throughout the country, even strong supporters of the jab have acknowledged the hypocrisy in allowing Irving to be in the arena, but not on the court because of his vaccine status.

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