Basketball fans have an incredible fascination with finding answers to questions that we cannot possible answer and will never need to answer.

Among them:

  • Was the Dream Team better than the 2012 Olympic team?
  • Would [insert 90s star] dominate [insert present day star] because of course players were so much tougher then?
  • Is LeBron better than Michael Jordan?
  • Would Kentucky beat the Sixers?
  • Would the Heat’s Big Three beat the 2016-17 Warriors?
  • Would the 2016-17 Warriors beat the 1995-96 Bulls?

I have, admittedly, fed into these dumb arguments, thanks to the technological marvel that is NBA 2K.

Now, we have another answer to an unanswerable question: The 16-17 Warriors are better than the 95-96 Bulls, says Vegas.

From ESPN:

Four of the five had the Warriors favored, from as high as -8 at the MGM (per Jay Rood, vice president of race and sports at MGM Resorts) to as low as -3 at the Wynn (per Johnny Avello, sportsbook manager at the Wynn).

I can already hear the yelling outside my Chicago window: “BUT THE BULLS WERE THE BEST TEAM OF ALL TIME 72-8 WARRIORS ARE SOFT GO BULLS.”

This is all dumb. The Bulls were fun and so are the Warriors. Just enjoy basketball.


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