If you’re a high school kid named General Booty and you’re not the starting quarterback on the football team, life might be pretty tough. In this case, General Booty has probably heard it all, because he comes from the football Booty family; his uncles John David and Josh Booty both had famed college careers, and his dad was also a very good college player.

So it makes sense that General Booty is getting some recruiting attention, and that alone isn’t enough to really be much of a story. But it’s who offered him first that really makes it:

Yes, that’s Hugh Freeze, the guy who was fired at Ole Miss after getting busted for using an escort service and who now coaches at Liberty, which adds another layer entirely. Freeze, of course, is no stranger to headlines that seem too good to possibly be true, as his Liberty intro presser included Freeze saying “Only Jesus can handle my junk”, which obviously isn’t true or he’d still be at Ole Miss.

As for Booty, his recruitment is still early, so it’s probable he’ll end up receiving offers from other schools which won’t afford us the possibility of extra humor on top of his name.

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