Harambe picture

If you made it this far into 2016 without hearing about Harambe, God bless your soul. If you’re one of the 2-3 people who somehow accomplished that, here’s a quick intro: Harambe is a gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo this year and instantly became an internet meme.

Well, he’s not only an internet meme now. Harambe is also on the walls of the head coaching office at the University of Michigan Football program. That’s right – Jim Harbaugh has a picture of Harambe on one of the walls in his office.

If you zoom in closely to the second picture of Harbaugh alone, there is a drawing of a tiger to his left/your right and just below that and a little further to the right is a picture of the gorilla, the myth, the legend… HARAMBE.

Naturally, Reddit is going crazy. Twitter is too.


But it turns out, this collection of artwork has a purpose and it’s actually pretty important.


Well then. Good for Michigan and Harbaugh supporting a really important cause (I swear this isn’t sarcasm).

UPDATE: Michigan SID Chad Shepard threw water on the Harambe theory.

We’re still going to pretend that the gorilla pictured is Harambe, though.


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