Wrestler Ric Flair on the sidelines before the NFC Championship game as the Chicago Bears host the New Orleans Saints Jan. 21, 2007 at Soldier Field, Chicago. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

As if sleepovers were not enough, Jim Harbaugh just deployed his latest recruiting weapon: Legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair.

Signing day is just around the corner on Feb.3, and Michigan is planning quite the party for its newest signees. On signing day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Harbaugh and a cast of celebrities will introduce all the high school seniors who’ve signed the National Letters of Intent to suit up for the Wolverines in the fall.

Former Michigan players Denard Robinson, Desmond Howard, MLB pitcher Derek Holland, former college coach Lou Holtz, former NFL coach Mike Shanahan, and NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski will all join Flair as a part of the festivities.

Flair is a major coup… as long as Harbaugh is trying to sign Jeff George or Tommie Frazier. Unfortunately for Jim, it is 2016. I’m willing to bet most potential recruits will be clueless as to why an AARP member with platinum blonde hair is yelling “WOOO” after every announcement.

The move may be puzzling, but it does prove college football is better off with Jim Harbaugh in it.

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