In what was maybe the most surprising result of the 2020 college football season (beyond the fact that it’s happening at all), Kansas State took down #3 Oklahoma in Norman today.

Kansas State was already involved in another surprising result, when they lost to Arkansas State last week. Today, though, they overcame a 28-7 deficit deep into the third quarter, outscoring the Sooners 31-7 for the remainder of the contest to take the victory.

Trailing by three, Oklahoma did have one last chance to tie the game or take the win, but the Wildcats sealed the win with their third interception of Spencer Rattler.

Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt had the call for Fox, and they were on-site in Norman. Still, Gus was seemingly one of the last people to realize what had happened, first calling the play incomplete before slowly realizing what had happened.

This isn’t to criticize Gus; obviously it wasn’t an obvious pick, and without a capacity crowd announcers lose the sense of a stadium deflating to key on, too. Mostly it’s just a shame we missed out on a Gus Johnson call of a huge upset-sealing interception.

Oklahoma, meanwhile, may now be out of the playoff picture already, although if there’s one thing they can take comfort from after today’s loss it’s that this season is going to be very, very weird.

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