The NCAA Tournament is all about upsets. Even still, seeded No. 15 in the East Region and going against No. 2 Kentucky — one of the sport’s ultimate blueblood programs — St. Peters had no chance. Right? As it turned out, they had better than just a chance.

The Peacocks entered Thursday’s game 0-3 NCAA Tournament games. While the expectation was that they’d move to 0-4, it didn’t happen. St. Peters defeated the Wildcats 85-79 in overtime, pulling one of the greatest upsets in NCAA Tournament history in the process.

Unsurpsingly, the two program’s Twitter feeds reacted to the upset in different ways.

They were not the only ones with big reactions. The upset drew a lot of commentary on Twitter.

One of the things that makes March Madness great is how many people get into it. Even casual fans fill out brackets. And how many brackets were completely busted by this shows just how big of an upset St. Peters’ win over Kentucky was.

Looking at that, we can only assume that heading into the game, a lot of people would have liked a real Peacock’s chances in a fight against a Wildcat more than St. Peters beating Kentucky. But for One Shining Moment — or 45 shining minutes — that was not the case.

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