Colorado State tried being guys being dudes and, ultimately, it didn’t work out for them or Steve Addazio.

Less than two years after the school signed Addazio as their new head football coach, they’ve agreed to part ways and pay his buyout, which just so happened to drop from $5 million to $3 million today.

Addazio’s brief stint at Colorado State was not only a disappointment on the field but also produced some very strange and embarrassing moments for him and the school. After going 1-3 in an abbreviated 2020 season, the Rams finished the 2021 season at 3-9. Meanwhile, the school would make headlines for bizarre coaching decisions (or lack thereof) and an Addazio ejection during a game that summed up his tenure about as perfectly as possible.

Addazio’s coaching run has been bizarre even by college football standards. While he had a successful year at Temple going 9-4 in his first season there, he went 4-7 in his second season and Boston College hired him away anyway. In seven seasons there, he created the most middling coaching stint in history, going 7-6, 7-5, or 6-6 in every season except one. BC fans were more than happy to see him go and yet somehow he convinced Colorado State to pay him $1.5 million in a contract through 2024.

While it’s hard to imagine Addazio will be able to land another head coaching job at an FBS school at the moment, crazier things have happened. But until we find out what his next move is, aside from cashing that huge buyout check, social media had some fun with the announcement and the end of another Addazio era.

Some people say that you can still see the ghost of Steve Addazio running off the field in Fort Collins if you look for him.

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