Lil'Jordan Humphrey's touchdown catch against Texas Tech.

The No. 19 Texas Longhorns’ home clash with the Texas Tech Red Raiders Saturday night got close late thanks to a Texas Tech touchdown that tied the game with 1:45 left. But on the ensuing drive, Texas responded with a touchdown of their own, and it’s one that was incredibly reminiscent of the famed Michael Crabtree catch that produced the Red Raiders’ last-second win over the Longhorns in 2008. Here’s the play:

As Chris Brown noted on Twitter, it’s even the same four verticals playcall and the same corner of Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium. Here’s the Crabtree play for comparison:

That’s definitely awfully similar. The stakes weren’t quite as high this time (this was #19 Texas against unranked Texas Tech, not the #1 Longhorns-#7 Red Raiders matchup in 2008) and it wasn’t quite as late (Crabtree scored with one second left, Humphrey with 23, giving Texas Tech a couple of final chances to tie), but this is the same play, the same kind of great catch, and the same kind of impressive move after the catch (plus poor tackling from the defense). And it led the Longhorns to a 41-34 win, and maybe exorcised a few demons along the way.

Now, this one only wound up being close thanks to a late comeback from the Red Raiders, and there are plenty of reasons to still be skeptical of Texas (especially on defense). Beating a now 5-5 Texas Tech team to improve to 7-3 isn’t necessarily indicative of greatness. But this was definitely a nice finish for the Longhorns, and for their fans. And it makes it even more special that it was on a play so much like the Crabtree one.

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