With their powder blue uniforms and fantastic logo, the Tulane Green Wave football team already had a lock on the Best-Dressed College Football Team. But after Saturday’s performance in the Armed Forces Bowl, they might have wrapped up a Best Actor nomination as well.

Tulane led Southern Miss 16-13 midway through the third quarter when Southern Miss quarterback Tate Whatley had his pass intercepted by defensive back Larry Brooks. Afterward, there was some jawing and shoving between the two teams. However, none of the scuffling rose to the level of over-aggressive behavior. Still, you wouldn’t know it from the way one Tulane defender fell into the arms of his teammates following some light contact by Southern Miss running back Trivenskey Mosley.

The flop led to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Southern Miss, one that helped set up a score for the Green Wave. Though, that was almost less a flop than it was a trust fall. How any referee fell for that acting job is beyond us, but then again college football refs have been fooled by far less this season.

Tulane apparently used the momentum of the flop to carry them to a 30-13 victory in the Armed Forces Bowl. Who knows, perhaps this will usher in a new era of overly dramatic flops just so players can find out how much they can get away with before refs actually start paying attention.

If nothing else, expect WWE or AEW to reach out to the player to see what his post-football plans are. The kid can clearly take a bump.


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