The Boca Raton Bowl actually features two pretty entertaining teams this year, with Memphis taking on Western Kentucky. WKU just lost its coach to Purdue, but they didn’t lose any of their trickeration.

Here they are late in the second quarter, lining up in a victory formation deep in their own territory:

That’s a really sweet fake, especially since it combines two fakes in one; you get the fake kneeldown, of course, which should be used more often (along with the fake spike, I’ll always think they could work just about every time.)

But you also get a cool delayed misdirection; Memphis really doesn’t do anything wrong, but they were still powerless to cover all the possible outcomes, leading to a massive gain for Western Kentucky. Of course, as the Hilltoppers tried to capitalize, things fell apart:

Whoops. Desmond Howard was obviously confused for a moment as to the result there, but that’s okay. It’s the Boca Raton Bowl. No one’s taking it that seriously.

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