Though former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon’s infamous assault took place more than two years ago, details continue to emerge over his punching of a woman.

A 2014 interview with Amelia Molitor, the victim of Mixon’s punch, reveals some of the details into why Mixon delivered the punch that resulted in a suspension and plenty of ridicule from the rest of the nation.

Here’s what happened before Molitor went inside of the restaurant where she was punched by Mixon:

“They were commenting on, like, how I looked,” Molitor said in the interview. “And it was just … it’s, like, very uncomfortable. I mean, it was degrading kind of, in a way, the things that they were saying to me. Like I was, like, a piece of meat, and I don’t take kindly to that.”

In part of the 52-minute interview, Molitor says Mixon and a group of friends called her a “b—-” and “w—-” and suggested she perform oral sex on Mixon.

‘Like, ‘It’s my boy’s birthday,’” Molitor said the group told her. “Like, … ‘What are you going to do for him?’ Like, suggesting that I go home with him and making very specific suggestions about what I could do, you know, to pleasure him. … My first reaction was, like, to laugh.”

Molitor says she told Mixon she would never go anywhere with him, and says Mixon replied with a homophobic slur in reference to one of Molitor’s friends.

“Oh, so you’d rather go home with that f—— (slur)?” Molitor says Mixon told her.

Following this interaction, Molitor went inside the restaurant to get her friend and get out of the situation. But as we all know now via video, Mixon went inside the establishment and threw the punch.

This interview provides more light into a situation that has caused a national stir. This 2014 incident means Mixon will not be able to attend the NFL Combine. These actions also resulted in an awkward moment in Brent Musburger’s final college football game as a play-by-play man.

This situation will haunt Mixon for a long time.

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