Eagles fans have been long-suffering fans. Before Sunday, they never won a Super Bowl and hadn’t won a championship since 1960. That was 58 years of not getting to that ultimate finish line.

When the Eagles first got to the Super Bowl in the 1980 season, Frank Markert bought a bottle of champagne to pop when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. The Eagles didn’t and the champagne stayed in Markert’s refrigerator. When the Eagles played in Super Bowl XXXIX, there was a chance to pop the champagne, but they lost again.

But now that the Eagles won Super Bowl LII for their first trophy, a now 87-year-old Markert finally got to pop the champagne he had been waiting 38 years to drink.

There’s a cool story by Jeff Neiburg of the Delaware News Journal, as Markert represented a fanbase that had long-suffered for decades. A fan never forgets when their team wins the Super Bowl and whether you’re 17 or 87, you never forget your first. And the more you wait, the sweeter the victory, even if you’re drinking 38 year old champagne from a refrigerator.

[Delaware News Journal]

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