The New York Giants have become the laughing stock of the NFL towards the end of the season, and no moment showed that more than the now-infamous QB sneak the Giants tried on their own 5-yard line on 3rd and 9 against the Washington Football Team.

The topic was discussed today on The Pat McAfee Show with recurring guest Aaron Rodgers breaking down his thoughts on the nonsense the Giants and Joe Judge did on Sunday.

“You play to win the game.. nobody wants to be part of kneeling the sh*t out to take a tie. You know what would make me lose my mind almost as much as that.. goal-line personnel & a QB sneak on 3rd & 9 on the -5.” said Rodgers.

“Call that one in Matt (Lefleur) and let’s see what happens. That sh*t ain’t flying, that was unbelievable.” added Rodgers.

To have such little belief in your quarterback as well as such little sense of urgency to try and do something was truly baffling by Judge and the Giants. They were in a tough situation, with quarterback Daniel Jones out for the season finale and no competent backup, but to run a play that has no chance of getting the first down on 3rd and 9 is indefensible.

For now, Joe Judge will remain the Giants coach as he was not one of the coaches fired on NFL’s ‘Black Monday’, but he will certainly need to have the Giants looking better than what they did towards the end of the season this year to keep his job in the future.

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