Fiona the hippo is one of the animals making Super Bowl picks.

Everyone in the sports media has a Super Bowl prediction, but what about those in the animal kingdom? There’s been quite a trend of animal picks over the years, and Super Bowl LII will be no exception there, with animals from Fiona the hippo of the Cincinnati Zoo to lions at the Dallas Zoo to Zoo Montana’s Ozzy the bear weighing in. Here’s a look at some of those animal picks. First, Fiona, who contemplated the Patriots’ lettuce before settling on the Eagles:

Next, Ozzy the bear, who also went with the Eagles. Ozzy is 4-1 over the last five years, so he’s clearly a sharp.

The Dallas Zoo’s lions were more split, with two preferring the Patriots’ cake but one dragging the Eagles’ cake off:

So the Patriots are maybe being disrespected by parts of the animal kingdom. But at New York’s Animal Adventure Park, April the giraffe went for them in a big way:

And they also have some support from Acara, a Bornean orangutan in Utah:

The animal picks are always entertaining, but can we maybe give some of them a TV show? Fiona and April are sure to offer more insight on this game than the likes of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.

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