there is nothing more traditional than a friendly wager between two similar groups or organizations from cities facing off in a championship setting. The recent Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots inspired many friendly wagers, including one between the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island and Zoo Atlanta. It was time for the zoo in Atlanta pay off its bet after the Falcons let a double-digit lead slip away in an overtime loss, and they found the perfect way to do so.

The stakes for the bet involved naming a baby animal in the losing city’s zoo after the winning team’s starting quarterback. While the thought of Boston College alum Matt Ryan having an animal at the Rhode Island-based zoo would have been a perfect result in a worst-case scenario for the zoo, the Atlanta zoo was forced to pick one baby animal in its handling and name it after Tom Brady. Which animal to choose? A baby lion cub? A bear? What about ironically naming a falcon after the Patriots quarterback?

Nope. Zoo Atlanta went the extra mile and named a baby cockroach after the Pats QB.

Those in Boston may have a different viewpoint but for those in Atlanta, this is brilliant execution and some Grade-A trolling from Zoo Atlanta.


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