The ongoing improvement from rookie quarterback Justin Fields has been one of the few bright spots for the Chicago Bears so far this season.

Unfortunately for Fields, Chicago, and neutral fans hoping for a fun Thanksgiving Bears-Lions game today, Fields is missing the game with an injury suffered against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Considering how pretty much the only thing the Bears are playing for this year (well, aside from Matt Nagy’s job) is the young passer’s development, the prospect of missing weeks was a pretty daunting one for everyone with a Bears rooting interest.

Those people can rest a bit easier, though, thanks to some news that embattled Bears GM Ryan Pace delivered today ahead of their game in Detroit.

In addition to Pace’s revelation, Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer reported that Fields is in line to return as soon as next week:

All of this is certainly great news for Fields himself, and for Bears fans and players hoping for a watchable finish to the season. Though many might indeed be hoping that the team plays poorly enough to force ownership to fire Pace and Nagy, an outcome for which Chicago fans would be very thankful.

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