The 2017 NFL regular season has reached its home stretch, with each team down to its final six games. At this point, which teams will make the playoffs are becoming more apparent. But behind the favorites, it’s the usual cluster of teams for the final three seeds in each conference.

With that in mind, let’s break down the playoff picture following Week 11 action.

AFC right now
1. Steelers (8-2)
2. Patriots (8-2)
3. Jaguars (7-3)
4. Chiefs (6-4)
5. Titans (6-4)
6. Ravens (5-5)
7. Bills (5-5)
8. Dolphins (4-6)
9. Jets (4-6)
10. Bengals (4-6)
11. Texans (4-6)
12. Chargers (4-6)
13. Raiders (4-6)

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That’s right, all but three teams are either in a playoff spot or within one game of one. But the Bills, Dolphins, Jets and Bengals do not look remotely like playoff teams, while the Chargers and Raiders face uphill battles. The Titans and Ravens are soft but might not get much competition for their wild-card spots, while it’s looking as though the top seed will come down to that December matchup between New England and Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. The only interesting divisional battle right now is Jacksonville-Tennessee.

AFC projection
1. Patriots (14-2)
2. Steelers (13-3)
3. Jaguars (10-6)
4. Chiefs (10-6)
5. Titans (9-7)
6. Ravens (9-7)
7. Chargers (9-7)

I don’t believe in the Jaguars, but I also don’t believe in the Titans. And Jacksonville has a one-game edge and an easier schedule. And I’m not giving the Patriots another loss the way they’re building momentum, but that Week 15 matchup could go either way in Pittsburgh. I also think the surging Chargers make a hell of a run down the stretch, but they’re not in good tiebreaker shape.

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NFC right now
1. Eagles (9-1)
2. Vikings (8-2)
3. Saints (8-2)
4. Rams (7-3)
5. Panthers (7-3)
6. Falcons (6-4)
7. Lions (6-4)
8. Seahawks (6-4)
9. Packers (5-5)
10. Cowboys (5-5)

The Packers and Cowboys are fading away, but it looks like Los Angeles, Carolina, Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle will have quite the battle for three playoff spots, one of which will be guaranteed to either the Rams or Seahawks as winners of the NFC West. Nobody is touching the Eagles, Vikings and Saints, who are all red-hot and a step above.

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NFC projection
1. Eagles (13-3)
2. Saints (13-3)
3. Vikings (11-5)
4. Rams (10-6)
5. Panthers (10-6)
6. Falcons (10-6)
7. Lions (10-6)
8. Seahawks (10-6)

I could see both the Eagles and Vikes hitting bumps in the road considering their tough schedules, and New Orleans has looked stronger than both. I actually have them tied all the way to the strength of victory tiebreaker based on my projection, so I’m giving the edge to the current leader for now. But I think they both safely secure byes, and I think the battle for those two wild-card spots becomes a tiebreaker mess.

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