Brett Favre Brett Favre has said he didn t know the money he received came from welfare funds. Xxx Sline Brett Favre 081020 Dcb Jpg

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has certainly had his fair share of controversy as of late related to his court battles related to the Mississippi welfare scandal. Despite this, he will again draw attention from the national eye after surprisingly accepting a new role on a talk show alongside Jason Whitlock and Warren Sapp.

For those unaware of exactly how deep Favre’s legal troubles have gotten, the former Super Bowl champion is currently one of 38  defendants named in a civil lawsuit filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services. A state audit found that at least $77 million in welfare funds was misspent, and Favre is accused of being involved in those missing funds.

He also has an ongoing defamation lawsuit against former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe after Sharpe made comments on-air about the case.

Despite all of this currently ongoing for Favre, he will now be taking on a new role in television that is certainly surprising to many. Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post reported on Friday that Favre will be joining Jason Whitlock’s show Fearless show on The Blaze. He will reportedly be a regular contributor to the show, set to join the show for the full program each Wednesday.

Considering all the bad attention Favre has drawn to himself in his post-playing career, many fans saw this move as a questionable choice to come back into the public eye like this.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Favre pairs alongside Whitlock on his show, and if his involvement leads to even more public backlash given all he has going on at the moment…

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