Brock Osweiler hit a sideline bystander Sunday.

Some accuracy concerns have been raised about Denver Broncos’ quarterback Brock Osweiler over the years, and those may be due for a resurgence after an Osweiler throw out of bounds hit someone on the sideline in the head Sunday night. Here’s the play, from CJ Fogler:

Now that looks painful. And it led to a whole lot of Twitter jokes:

This comes after Osweiler left the Broncos for the Houston Texans in free agency in 2016, but underwhelmed there, was traded to the Cleveland Browns in a salary dump this spring, and was then cut in September. He came back to Denver soon afterwards, but hasn’t played much this year, and has generally underwhelmed when he has, including in a 208 passing yard, two-interception performance against Philadelphia last week. And while this play in and of itself isn’t necessarily all that bad (Osweiler was trying to throw it out of bounds anyway, so he just did so in suboptimal fashion), the Broncos are currently trailing the Patriots 27-9 and haven’t received a great showing from Osweiler so far. To get back in this game, they’ll probably need him to hit a few more receivers and a few less bystanders.

[CJ Folger on Twitter]

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