The future of the NFL in San Diego may still be up in the air but their is one player who is always going to love the town no matter what – Philip Rivers.

As Measure C, the ballot initiative that would have allocated taxes towards a new stadium for the Chargers, failed, many around the organization remained upbeat and were able to find good throughout all of the uncertainty.

Rivers had a lot to say to the San Diego Union-Tribune, who asked the star quarterback his feelings on the town and the election itself.

“As you can imagine we’re all disappointed,” quarterback Philip Rivers said. “We certainly were hoping for better than that. Like we’ve always said, especially where we are in the midst of a season, we can’t get too caught up in it and what it all exactly means. Just try to do our part and find a way to beat the Dolphins and get to 5-5 before the bye. …

“Vice versa, the love from the team to the city and the city to the team have been awesome over the last 55 years and the last 13 I’ve been here. I can’t see us not here. As you all know, I’m always optimistic in every situation.”

It’s an upbeat reaction to a tough situation the Chargers are facing. The city and the team mutually want it to work, but a solution is still a long way off.

Back in August, Rivers came out strongly in favor of Measure C being passed.

If the city can take solace in anything, it is the fact that Rivers has a great deal of love for the city. It helped mold him into the player and person he is today, and that can’t be understated.

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