Down 42-21 with less than 7 minutes to play, the Detroit Lions had little more than pride left to play for against the Dallas Cowboys Monday night. The Cowboys were punting from their own end zone, so it looked like the Lions would be in a great position to at least make the final scoreline more respectable.

Little did they know that the Cowboys would only add to their embarrassment in perhaps the most humiliating way possible — a truck-stick hit from none other than Dallas punter Chris Jones.

Andre Roberts actually had a nifty little return going, up until Jones ended him on national television.  Jones even had the gall to pose in Roberts’ face after the hit, but who was going to tell him no after that? Plus, he’s a punter. If you’re a punter and you pull that off, you make the absolute most of the moment.

In case you were questioning just how bad that hit was, it even got the good ol’ Wikipedia-edit treatment:

The Lions have to somehow regroup next week for their Sunday Night Football battle against the Packers which will determine the NFC North champion. The Cowboys, meanwhile, have already locked up the #1 overall seed in the NFC, meaning they’ll have a bye after next week’s meaningless regular season finale.

And now they also have a punter who can destroy people, too.

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