Dez Bryant PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 01: Dez Bryant #88 warms up before a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on January 1, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Dez Bryant leaves very generous tips, as long as you root for his team. On Wednesday, a server at Blaze Pizza tweeted that the Cowboys wide receiver visited her location and gave her a $75 tip.

She could have left it at that, but she also made the mistake of adding: “but I still hate the Cowboys.” And word got back to Dez.

Dez Bryant Blaze Pizza tweet
Screenshot courtesy of The Score

No more $75 tips for her. Bryant tweeted he’s boycotting that Blaze location, although the laughing emoji indicates he was joking.

Now we’ll see where LeBron James’ allegiances truly lie. He’s a known Cowboys fan, but he also has a major stake in Blaze Pizza.

Bryant later confirmed his “boycott” was a joke and seemed a bit surprised many people took his tweet seriously. He tweeted to The Score:

“it’s really not that serious lol…honestly a joke…let the girl make it”

ESPN’s Jemele Hill was one person who may or may not have understood the kidding nature of Bryant’s tweet. Upon seeing Bryant apparently take a stand on a very trivial matter, Hill took a shot at Bryant’s decision against joining national anthem protests. While more and more players have joined the protests, including the movement’s first white players and over a dozen Cleveland Browns at once, Bryant said he won’t participate because he’s “got a family to feed.”

When fans and even Bryant himself called her out, she informed everyone she had been joking as well and was just playing along with Bryant’s joke the whole time.

Let this be today’s lesson that Twitter needs a sarcasm button.

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