The Indiapolis Colts are off to a pretty dreadful start to the NFL season on the offensive side of the ball, ranking just 30th out of 32 NFL teams in terms of points per game. The team tried to solve the problem with a quarterback change, benching veteran quarterback Matt Ryan in favor of second-year quarterback Sam Ehlinger. But when that didn’t fix anything, the team made another change, firing offensive coordinator Marcus Brady.

Despite the decision, there was one major problem with the move: Brady didn’t even call plays for the Colts’ offense as playcalling duties were handled by head coach Frank Reich. As a result, the NFL world absolutely blasted Reich for his decision to fire Brady with many believing that Reich was more to blame for the team’s struggles.

On Wednesday, Reich had his first press conference since his decision to fire Brady, and he had to answer for his move with the very first question as a reporter asked if Brady was merely a scapegoat for larger issues.

“I understand that — that should fall on me,” Reich says. “Marcus isn’t being scapegoated. I have to own that. We’re all responsible,” Reich said, according to Zak Keefer.

Time will tell whether firing Brady will do anything to help the Colts’ offense going forward.

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