The Green Bay Packers were the talk of the NFL on Tuesday (at least until the Russell Wilson trade), bringing back 2021 MVP Aaron Rodgers with a massive contract extension as well as bringing back All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams via the franchise tag.

Green Bay Packers fans have to be thrilled as this most likely means that the team will keep Rodgers throughout the duration of his NFL career.

It does however raise questions as to what they will do with second-year quarterback Jordan Love. Love was selected with the 26th pick by the team in the 2020 NFL Draft, a move that was surprising at the time considering that they had Rodgers.

Rodgers’ decision has created speculation amongst the NFL world as to what could happen with Love moving forward.

Love has only started one NFL game for the team since he was drafted and was not overly impressive, throwing for only 190 yards in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Still, many NFL fans seem to be pretty eager at the idea that Love could be their quarterback of the future if the Packers were interested in trading him.

While trading Love is something that may certainly be in the cards, it is worth remembering that Rodgers was reportedly considering retirement this offseason.

While he signed this massive extension with the Packers, Rodgers is as unpredictable as it gets and could seemingly retire at any point. It may still be worthwhile to have his replacement on the roster if and when that happens.

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