It’s around this time that all 32 owners meet and discuss potential new rules and whether to change or do away current rules. It’s more uncommon for the owners to have a closed-door meeting of just the owners which was what happened last week.

Pro Football Talk reported that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones led an owners-only meeting that was closed off from everyone else. They discussed a potential succession plan whenever Roger Goodell stops being NFL Commissioner. There’s no real indication that Goodell would be replaced anytime soon, the owners just wanted to have a plan in place for when it were to happen. It also gave owners a chance to talk about anything without having the Commissioner in the room.

Jones took control for much of the meeting discussing things like Goodell’s salary as well as marijuana in the NFL. While Jones feels like the NFL should drop the rules violations for marijuana, he also noted that since it’s a collectively bargained rule, it could be used as a bargaining chip for the owners to get something they want from the players.

Jones also suggested that the NFL end its investigations into off-field issues. While Jones made some great points in that the NFL is investigating something that law enforcement could do and could lead to unfair sanctions from Goodell, Jones may not necessarily be the best person to be taking that argument. Jones has been currently involved in Ezekiel Elliott’s various issues with domestic violence, lately pulling down a woman’s top. Not to mention, the Cowboys issues with Greg Hardy, who also had domestic violence problems.

It would appear that the NFL owners will plan to have more of these closed-door meetings. If it leads to owners being able to discuss issues more openly, it’s a benefit.

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  1. Yes, yes and yes! Ignore the messenger and focus on the message. Our country has a complex and robust legal system run by professionals who are trained in these specific matters. It has checks and balances all the way to the Supreme Court. If, after all that, there are still gross mistakes, what makes anyone think that an entertainment conglomerate will get it right. When Ray Rice’s video was made public people the anger and indignation should have directed at the Atlantic City Prosecutor’s Office.

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