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Following the end of their seasons, the future of star quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady is quite uncertain at the moment as they both mull potential career moves that could see them retiring from the NFL altogether or perhaps seeking new teams.

One of the teams that might have an interest in signing Brady or Rodgers is the New York Jets. That move would make sense for both quarterbacks, given the team’s struggles at quarterback the past several seasons, and team owner Woody Johnson made it clear that the team would make major moves to bolster the quarterback position this offseason, calling it “the missing piece.”

If the Jets do decide to bring in Rodgers or Brady, Jets legend Joe Namath wants him to know that he has permission to wear his No. 12 jersey that has been retired by the team, giving his blessing during a radio show appearance on WFAN660.

“Sure sounds like the great Joe Namath has given the Jets the blessing to hand over his retired 12 to Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady @WFAN660,” Evan Roberts of WFAN said in a tweet.

There’s no telling if this will have any impact on Brady or Rodgers’ decisions, but getting a blessing from a legend like Joe Namath certainly can’t hurt!

[Evan Roberts]