Patrick Mahomes and the Coors Light Bear Patrick Mahomes and the Coors Light Bear

The NFL famously bans its players from endorsing beer or alcohol-related products, which means they can’t cut commercials for some of America’s most famous brands.

That’s unless they get wily, as Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes did in a new commercial with Coors Light.

Mahomes and Coors Light cut an ad that didn’t feature the iconic beer, but rather a new creation dubbed the Coors Light Bear.

“Recently, we tapped star quarterback Patrick Mahomes to be in a promo for Coors Light beer,” the narrator of the ad says.

“Turns out, we overlooked the fact that he can’t actually promote Coors Light Beer. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Coors Light Bear.”

The ad features Mahomes spending time with his new furry friend around the house and watching the game.

As the commercial notes, all proceeds from the Coors Light Bear ad campaign will go to the 15 and Mahomies Foundation, Mahomes’ charitable organization, which is dedicated to “improving the lives of all children.”

As other reports noted, this is the second year in a row Mahomes and Coors Light have pulled a similar stunt to skirt the NFL’s ban. Last year, Coors and Mahomes partnered to promote a flashlight called “The Coors Light.”

The NFL world was quick to react to the news: