Kenny Pickett

Rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett wasn’t even supposed to start this season for the Pittsburgh Steelers as head coach Mike Tomlin repeatedly said that Mitchell Trubisky would be the team’s quarterback this season before ultimately switching to Pickett as the starter midway through the season. Pickett has gradually improved, and he certainly impressed during Monday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts with more than just his playing ability.

The Steelers beat the Colts 24-17 on Monday night, thanks in part to a 20-for-28 passing performance from Kenny Pickett, but that’s not all he contributed to the team. According to Steelers center Mason Cole, Pickett actually called the play that led to the team’s game-winning touchdown.

“That run we scored on, Kenny called it. We were in the timeout, and Kenny said, ‘I want to run this,’” Cole said according to Pro Football Talk. “To see that confidence, on third-and-2 on the goal line, is big. It’s good to see, it’s exciting to see. It really showed who he is as a leader, the command he has on the field.”

It’s certainly a big step for a rookie quarterback, and the NFL world had plenty to say about it after the game.

We’ve certainly seen quite a bit of growth in Pickett over the past few weeks.

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