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Entering Sunday, there was a chance that the Sunday Night Football finale between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions might be a win-and-in scenario for both teams. But when the Seattle Seahawks won earlier in the day, Detroit was eliminated. A few hours later, the Packers were, as well.

One of the key players in Detroit’s upset of the Packers was rookie safety Kerby Joseph. His fourth quarter interception of Aaron Rodgers gave the Lions possession, which they did not give back. That interception, in fact, might have been of Rodgers’ career. And when the game was over, Joseph had a clear message to the Packers.

“If we not going y’all not going either IDC,” Joseph said on Twitter, shortly after the game.

If anyone has earned bragging rights, it’s Joseph, and not just for what his team did.

Joseph’s interception of Rodgers was his fourth of his rookie season. All but one of the four interceptions were thrown by Rodgers. Joseph intercepted Rodgers twice in November, when the Lions beat the Packers in Detroit. The only other player to intercept Rodgers three times in his career is Brian Urlacher, the Hall of Fame linebacker with the Chicago Bears.

Urlacher’s three interceptions, though, were over nine matchups against Rodgers. Joseph’s three came in two matchups. And despite Urlacher’s three interceptions in those nine games, Urlacher and the Bears were 2-7. Joseph and the Lions have two wins against Rodgers in as many games.

Joseph’s rookie season might have ended a little earlier than he would have liked, but the finish he got was pretty strong.

[Kerby Joseph on Twitter]

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