First came the Butt Fumble, now comes the Butt Interception. In the final minute of the second quarter during Sunday’s Atlanta Falcons-New Orleans Saints game (also known for the surprising appearance of a Michigan State logo), Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan threw a pass for Marvin Hall, but it went off his fingers, and New Orleans cornerback Marshon Lattimore came up with the interception. Using his butt.

In addition to Lattimore managing to land with the ball on top of him, credit should go to teammates Marcus Williams and Craig Robertson for keeping it on him until he could grab it. This was reviewed to ensure the ball didn’t touch the ground, but upheld. And it paved the way for a big swing. The Saints were up 6-0 at this point, but the Falcons were driving, with this throw going to about the New Orleans 36. If it had been caught, Atlanta could possibly have kept the drive going for a touchdown or field goal. If it had fallen incomplete, they would have been able to punt and pin the Saints deep. Instead, New Orleans got the ball in good position, and after a failed Alvin Kamara run, Drew Brees (who became the fastest quarterback to 70,000 career passing yards Sunday) hit Kamara for 10 yards and Ted Ginn Jr. for a 54-yard touchdown, giving the Saints a 13-0 lead heading into the half.

And that was all thanks to Lattimore’s butt. Amazing.


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