Every sports fan sometimes has to deal with a non-fan failing to understand their devotion to their teams, but not every sports fan has paid for that devotion the way a 77-year-old grandmother in Youngwood, Pennsylvania did.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the woman in question was allegedly beaten over two days by her daughter and granddaughter because she was listening to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ preseason game too loudly on TV and the radio Sunday.

Delores M. Amorino, 40, Sarah M. Amorino, 17, have reportedly been charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, strangulation, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief. They are being held on $200,000 bond. The grandmother’s injuries were not life-threatening.

The details of this story are pretty insane.

Per the Tribune-Review, the hearing-impaired older woman locked herself in her bedroom with a radio after her daughter and granddaughter turned down the volume of the TV. Delores and Sarah Amorino then allegedly broke the door to the older woman’s room, hit her in the face with a broom, twisted her arm, whacked her in the back of the head, stomped on her foot, shaved her head with scissors and a shaver, choked her with their hands, wrapped a scarf around their neck and refused to let her leave the house. The abuse lasted from Sunday through Monday, until she escaped Tuesday morning.

“It’s very disheartening to see any senior citizen abused like this … let alone seeing someone do it to their own grandmother and mother,” said Trooper Steve Limani, state police spokesman at the Greensburg barracks.

“We’re very fortunate her injuries were not life-threatening. We’re talking about two days of a brutal beat-down,” Limani said.

Normally we might make a quip about the price of fandom or something, but this situation isn’t really one to joke about. Let’s hope the grandmother recovers OK and gets to listen to future Steelers game at whatever volume she wishes.


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