Dan Snyder Sep 9, 2018; Glendale, AZ, USA; Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders may have a new name, but they still have one thing remaining in their organization that is problematic for their image: owner Dan Snyder.

Snyder has been in the news in recent months for all of the wrong reasons.

The Washington Post reported back in April that Snyder “may have engaged in a troubling, long-running, and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct,” according to a letter sent from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform to the Federal Trade Commission.

This allegation stated that Snyder may have withheld “as much as $5 million in refundable deposits from season ticket holders”.

It is far from shocking that Snyder may have been involved in these transactions considering his past.

The infamous Washington owner was already on the hot seat prior to this due to his very public sexual harassment claims within the Commanders organization last July.

There have been rumors of Snyder potentially being removed as owner of the organization via a vote from fellow owners across the NFL, and it now appears that there may be mounting evidence that other owners now may be ready to vote him out.

Multiple NFL owners spoke to USA Today‘s Jarrett Bell on Snyder for a piece published Monday, and their quotes suggest Snyder’s time as a NFL owner may be coming to an end.

“There’s growing frustration about the Washington situation and not over one issue, but over how much smoke there is,” an NFL owner who chose to remain anonymous told USA Today Sports. “I think everybody’s getting tired of it.”

Another owner spoke specifically about Snyder withholding money from other NFL owners in his latest controversy and says that this situation may be “the final nail in the coffin.”

A third owner declined to speak to USA Today until the NFL’s investigation into Snyder was complete, but a fourth owner had a very telling statement about how other NFL owners are handling the Snyder controversy.

“We are counting votes,” the team owner told USA Today Sports.

While many NFL fans are lining up to see Snyder be removed as owner, some are skeptical that it will ever happen.

Others are outraged that other NFL owners are seemingly more upset with Snyder messing with their money instead of being upset with the sexual harassment claims against him.


Other owners may have their priorities entirely wrong, but it is at least a good thing to hear that other owners want Snyder gone as much as the general public does.

The Commanders organization has been a disaster under Snyder both on and off the field in recent years. Despite the name change, it will be hard for them to move forward with Snyder being a part of the culture in Washington.

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