If it seems a bit early to be discussing which teams are already done for the season in the NFL, that’s because it is too early. Just six weeks of football have been played and yet for some organizations, the season has already essentially been thrown in the trash.

Who are these select few teams that should just face reality and switch to spending the majority of their time now preparing for the 2018 NFL Draft?

Cleveland Browns

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) Joe Thomas

Record: 0-6

For the past two decades, the Browns have definitely not been the league’s model for success. However, their failures have reached a new level of embarrassment in 2017.

Cleveland has won just a single game in their last 23 weeks of football. Since the beginning of last season, the Browns have been outscored by their opponents by a margin of almost 12 points per matchup.

They’re on the path toward their seventh straight last place finish in the AFC North this year if their awful play continues along. Hey, but at least they’re consistent, right?

San Francisco 49ers

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Record: 0-6

It is incredibly hard to believe that the 49ers were playing in their third straight NFC Championship less than four years ago. Since then, San Francisco has fallen further and further into the dumpster fire that they currently resemble today.

After winning just two games in 2016, the 49ers have yet to win a game this year. Although, they are not as bad as the Browns. San Francisco has actually been able to remain competitive during most of their games this season (losing by three points or less in each of the last five weeks).

Still, the bottom line is that they have not won a game. But should anyone really be that surprised about this being the case after the 49ers were heavily committed to Brian Hoyer being their starting quarterback up until last week?

New York Giants

(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) Ben McAdoo

Record: 1-5

Is there any possibility that the Giants could go on some sort of magical run for the rest of the season and actually find their way into the playoffs? Nope, absolutely not.

Not when their best player in wide receiver Odell Beckham is out for the rest of the year with a broken ankle. Not when New York’s offense ranks 28th in the NFL in points per game (despite Giants head coach Ben McAdoo’s reputation as an “offensive guru”).

The Giants may win a few more matchups this year, but any hopes that New York had of returning to the playoffs for the second straight year are long gone. Instead, the Giants should just face the music and put their focus on figuring out which quarterback in this year’s draft class is going to be Eli Manning’s replacement.

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