Four weeks remain in the 2016 NFL season, and it’s starting to become clear which teams are going to make the playoffs. And some surprises have emerged in that group.

The playoff picture still has time to change a bit, but regardless of the season, the NFL always comes down to this simple hierarchy: If any two given teams played, who would win? That’s what fans really want to know, that’s what power rankings are all about, and that’s how the 32 NFL teams are slotted here each week.

32. Cleveland Browns
What’s left to say? The Browns spent a Week 13 bye thinking about being 0-12.

31. New York Jets
The most brutally embarrassing Monday Night Football performance in a long, long time dropped them all the way to the bottom of the non-Browns list. Ryan Fitzpatrick is doubling down on every single mistake, and everyone in green and white has clearly checked out of the season.

30. San Francisco 49ers
Well, “Colin Kaepernick is back” was a fun narrative while it lasted. The 49ers’ complete capitulation to the Chicago Bears featured a quarterbacking performance so miserable it got Blaine Gabbert back on the field. Right now, it feels like nobody drawing a 49ers paycheck deserves to keep their job — and if the guy who signs the checks could somehow get fired, he’d deserve it, too.

29. Los Angeles Rams
The one thing that was working right, the defense, has fallen apart. The Gronk-less New England Patriots were in a perfect trap-game situation and the Rams laid out the welcome mat. The leak of head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead’s contract extensions couldn’t have come at a more hilarious time.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars
Ooooh, almost got ’em. Again. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, Gus Bradley wouldn’t be getting fired for Christmas.

27. Chicago Bears
Love the moxie from prodigal quarterback Matt Barkley, rookie pass-rusher Leonard Floyd and this entire Bears team that refuses to accept the narrative and go away. Can they shock the Lions a second time this season?

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