Rob Gronkowski is having a party cruise.

The New England Patriots tight end is hosting a huge boat party this weekend on a cruise which took passengers from Miami to the Bahamas and then to a private island. The ship, originally known as the Norwegian Pearl, has been renamed “Gronk Party Ship” while the island has been renamed “Gronk Island”

The ship departed on Friday. Four of the Gronkowski brothers are along for the ride, as are some celebrities including former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman turned WWE wrestler Mojo Rawley and rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Flo Rida.

Gronk prefaced the trip by sarcastically talking about how he’s been working out for the cruise, not next season like many might have thought.

ESPN’s Sarah Spain, along with other writers, is attending the trip and her Instagram is a treasure trove of ridiculous updates from the Gronk Cruise – including this video of Gronk at his Gronkiest.

Latergram: Gronk is very serious about his offseason dance training program. #MardiGronk

A video posted by Sarah Spain (@spain2323) on Feb 20, 2016 at 6:44am PST

Flo Rida hit the stage to sign one of his “classics.”

Tequila shots were served.

The party went to 6 AM.

Eventually, things called down, as everyone made it to Gronk Island in one piece.

So this Gronk cruise is basically what you’d expect – a Gronk bro-down with his buddies, filled with fist-pumping, bad music and plenty of alcoholic beverages. Is anybody surprised?

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