Steve Smith and Brownie the Elf

Hall of Fame wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is one of the baddest dudes ever to lace ’em up, so when he issues a warning to somebody—they should listen, especially if that person happens to be Brownie the Elf, the Cleveland Browns’ revamped mascot.

The Browns brought Brownie the Elf, a playful caricature initially created in 1921 by the Atlas Brewing Company, back this season as a primary mascot for the franchise. The elf logo now adorns the midfield line at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Brownie, however, almost returned to the grave as fast as he climbed out. During the NFL Network’s pregame broadcast of the Browns’ eventual win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brownie made the egregious error of stepping on the Jordans of network analyst Steve Smith Sr, who did not take kindly to the insult:

“Do I get to keep this?” asked Smith of the Brownie the Elf chain that Brownie adorned upon him. “Is this just for me? I appreciate it.”

However, Smith’s mood turned sour when the elf scuffed his shoes.

“Brownie, I [have] got one suggestion,” Smith said. “You’ve done it twice now. You stepped on my Jordans. Twice.”

Brownie knew the troubling waters in which he swam. He quickly dusted off the legend’s shoes. No psychical violence transpired.

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