Are we two weeks away from the matchup of our dreams?

At 5-1, the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs are two of the teams currently tied for the best record in the NFL. However, their on-field success is just one reason these teams have generated a barrage of social media interest in recent weeks.

The significant others of Travis Kelce and Braxton Berrios – Taylor Swift and Alix Earle, respectively – have taken their own share of the limelight. And inquiring minds want to know if they’ll be treated to a Swift/Earle combo when their men square off in Week 9. If the past few weeks have been any indicator, they’d be wise to make the trip.

By now every living being on this planet and beyond is aware of the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce situationship, which led to Swift attending Chiefs games against the Chicago Bears, New York Jets, and Denver Broncos this season.

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Similarly, Dolphins’ wide receiver Braxton Berrios has brought his own ‘plus one’ to each of Miami’s home games, in the form of TikTok influencer and podcaster Alix Earle. Swift and Earle are a combined 6-0 when they attend games, quite the good-luck charm duo if you believe in that sort of thing.

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Is a Taylor vs. Alix matchup in the cards in Germany?

It is currently unknown if Swift will attend this week’s game against the Chargers. Same for Earle, as the Dolphins are on the road in Philly this weekend (she has thus far only attended home games). But should you turn your calendar ahead just a couple of weeks, you’ll realize that something has to give.

On November 5, the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins play each other in Frankfurt, Germany. Lots of questions remain: will we see Taylor Swift and Alix Earle in the stands? Is a Taylor Swift and Alix Earle friendship in the cards? Will they share a chuckle over Earle’s NFL crush, which was revealed to be – who else – Travis Kelce on Alex Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy last month? (For the record, this comment was made prior to Swift’s involvement with Kelce.)

And if both women are in attendance, do we have enough internet bandwidth, globally, to cover such rabid interest in the event?

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