Terrell Owens in 2016.

Former NFL star Terrell Owens is once again in the news after being filmed knocking a heckler unconscious outside a CVS store in Los Angeles.

TMZ obtained a video of the incident and broke the story. It happened outside the pharmacy around 11:30 p.m. Saturday in the Inglewood neighborhood.

“Former NFL star Terrell Owens dropped someone that was talking trash outside of a CVS,” MMA Mania tweeted.

Owens told TMZ that he “intended to quickly stop by the store and grab a few necessities. While inside, Owens said, “a 49ers fan approached him and they had a friendly conversation. That’s when things took a turn.”

A second man entered the scene. From TMZ:

Terrell says a second man — the guy who was ultimately clocked — started talking crap to the fan Owens was conversing with. The aggressor threatened to beat up the men outside, according to witnesses.

Owens purportedly tried to play peacemaker before choosing to settle the affair himself after the future assault victim took an unprovoked swing at the retired football player. That’s when the cameras started rolling.

The San Francisco 49ers originally selected Owens, then a prospect out of Chattanooga University, with the No. 89 overall pick in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft. Owens hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010.