In advance of the NFL’s Texans-Raiders matchup in Mexico City, the league commissioned local artists to re-design every team’s helmet. The results are pretty spectacular.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ re-design was filled with depth.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ helmet featured a a badass skull with a fitting color scheme.

It might tread far away from the original design, but the Denver Broncos mockup is simply stunning.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ re-design features a Bengal running through the woods.

The New Orleans Saints’ mockup features an old-school vibe. It’s classy.

Perhaps the most intricate design was the Detroit Lions helmet. It’s stunning and I don’t think many would reject the concept if the team wore it during a live game.

You can find all the reimagined  helmets here.

Kudos to the NFL for allowing Mexican artists to do their own thing on the design. Not all the helmets work as representations of teams, but all of are beautiful pieces of art. If the NFL wanted to adapt some of the designs as alternate helmets, we would definitely welcome it.


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