Wow, take a look at this picture of Tony Romo wandering the concourse at Jerryworld, obviously despondent over losing his starting job to Dak Prescott.

It’s pretty easy to feel empathy for Tony, but at this point it’s bordering on pity:

This brings to mind the preseason controversy over an unflattering photograph of Romo, which was later disputed by the Cowboys. But now, with this hard photographic evidence, it’s fair to wonder if maybe that story had legs after all. It might be fair to wonder if it will impact his trade value this offseason, as well.

Why is he on the concourse, though? Maybe it’s just been so long since he’s gotten to play that he got lost making the trip from the locker room to the field?

We should note that some people have suggested this isn’t actually Tony Romo, that it is in fact a fan wearing a complete Tony Romo uniform to the stadium in some sort of twisted homage. This is incorrect. That’s 100% Tony Romo. Undoubtedly him. There is no chance at all that it’s someone else. Hopefully the Denver Broncos know what they’re getting themselves into if they are thinking of trading for Romo.

In any case, hopefully Romo made it to the field in time to serve as Prescott’s backup today.

(Editor’s note: For those who are sarcastically impaired, that is in fact not Tony Romo. Although it would’ve been a much better story if it was him.)

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