Travis Kelce Credit: Adam Schefter

Aaron Rodgers isn’t a big fan of vaccines and science.

Travis Kelce is currently a pitchman for Pfizer, which manufactures and sells a COVID-19 vaccine.

It seemed inevitable their paths would cross in some way.

Last week, Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and shared his thoughts on the ongoing dynamic created by Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift. As part of that discussion, he referred to Kelce as “Mr. Pfizer,” a reference to his commercials and a presumed dig given that Rodger is a well-documented anti-vax free thinker.

Friday, Kelce was asked about the comment and had a chance to provide his own rebuttal.

“I thought it was pretty good,” said Kelce. “I mean, with the stache right now I look like a guy named Mr. Pfizer. Who knew I’d get into the vax wars with Aaron Rodgers?

“Mr. Pfizer versus the Johnson and Johnson family over there,” he added, in reference to the fact that Rodgers plays for the New York Jets, which are owned by J&J heir Woody Johnson.

Kelce was then asked about his stance on taking the vaccine and offered a very clear-minded answer.

“I got it because of keeping myself safe, keeping my family safe, the people in this building, so yeah I stand by it. 1000 percent and fully comfortable with him calling me Mr. Pfizer.”

Rodgers isn’t a huge fan of letting others get the last word on issues like this, so we’ll see what he has to say when he shows up at his safe space next week.

[Adam Schefter]

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