Tyler Boyd Bengals receiver Tyler Boyd gets behind Bills cornerback Aaron Johnson but can’t catch up to the pass.

Last year, the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Buffalo Bills in the division round of the playoffs in a snowy game in Buffalo, New York. The teams are facing each other in a rematch in Cincinnati on Sunday night, and it sounds like the Bengals want to make sure there are no excused from the Bills this time.

During a recent press conference, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd claimed that some Buffalo Bills players used the snowy conditions as an excuse for the loss. With clear conditions expected in Cincinnati on Sunday night, Boyd wants to beat the Bills and make sure they can’t use the weather as an excuse.

“Going back to the playoff game, when we won in the snow, a couple of their players were saying if it wasn’t snowing they would’ve beat us. We’re here now, so we’re going to see what the outcome is,” Boyd said according to Pro Football Talk.

Obviously, that would be an odd excuse for the Bills to make since the game was in their home stadium and they should be more prepared to play in winter weather than the Bengals, considering they play in Buffalo.

Either way, there should be no excuses from either team this time.

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