The 49ers not only lost to the Falcons, they gave under bettors a horrific bad beat.

The final play of the Atlanta Falcons-San Francisco 49ers game Sunday wasn’t decisive in terms of the result, but it meant a lot for some people who had bet on the game. The 49ers led 22-17 inside the final minute, but the Falcons then got a touchdown with two seconds left (after a review determined that Julio Jones broke the plane of the goal line; this came just after a review took away a touchdown on an Austin Hooper catch ruled a touchdown on the field, but ruled incomplete on review). Atlanta elected not to kick the extra point, giving them a 23-22 lead, but they still had to kick off, and the 49ers tried a last-ditch lateral play. However, that wound up with the Falcons’ Olamide Zaccheaus recovering a fumble for a touchdown and giving the Falcons a 29-22 win. And that meant a whole lot in a game where the final over/under line was 49.5. Here’s that final play:

(As that tweet notes, this was the second awful beat of the day, following the Eagles covering against Washington thanks to a last-second defensive touchdown.)

This is a rough loss for the 49ers, and although they clinched their first playoff berth since 2013 anyway thanks to the Los Angeles Rams’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys (in a game where the controversial coin toss wound up not mattering at all), falling to the previously 4-9 Falcons still isn’t great. And this means that the 11-3 49ers are again even with the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West. But while this was a painful loss for the 49ers and their fans, it was even more painful for those who bet on the under here.


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