Will Levis now has a lifetime supply of mayo for his coffee and beyond. After his viral mayo-in-coffee stunt, Will Levis has scored a lifetime supply contract with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Tennessee Titans’ quarterback Will Levis will no longer need to buy mayonnaise for his coffee. Levis’ mayo-in-coffee habit has been discussed for the last couple of years, including during his time at Kentucky. He now plays for the Titans following their second-round (33rd overall) selection of him in this year’s NFL draft. And while he’s set to make around $9.54 million total (with around $7 million guaranteed) on his four-year rookie contract, he’ll now no longer need to spend that on mayonnaise, with Hellman’s signing him to a lifetime endorsement deal Tuesday:

This came after the company teased the deal a couple of days back:

Here’s more on the Levis deal from a release, which even has Hellman’s parent company Unilever’s marketing director a bit surprised by how Levis’ coffee decisions took off:

As the first athlete to secure such a deal from the number one best-selling mayonnaise brand, Levis and Hellmann’s aim to show how mayonnaise’s limitless possibilities can creatively elevate any dish, even if that means adding a dollop to your morning coffee. In an emotional press conference, Levis announces the partnership and details his lifetime love for Hellmann’s, from childhood sandwiches made by his mom to his high school lunch lady spreading the love…and mayo.

“I’ll admit I did not expect my mayonnaise and coffee combination to go viral – but I’m glad it did because it brought this partnership to life,” said Will Levis. “Hellmann’s is a staple ingredient for me and getting to show my fans how to use it in different ways, whether it’s game day dishes or mixing it in my coffee, knowing I’ll have the mayonnaise in my fridge for a lifetime is a dream come true. “

The unexpected mayonnaise-coffee combo catapulted Levis into condiment stardom, and he’s embracing it with open arms — and open jars of mayonnaise. Together Hellmann’s and Will are unleashing a groundbreaking partnership fueled by a shared passion for the delectable condiment that knows no bounds. Fans can anticipate an array of innovative recipes on Hellmann’s website and social channels, each featuring creative ways to add mayonnaise to any dish and endorsed by Will Levis himself.

“We are thrilled about this groundbreaking lifetime supply partnership with Will Levis, the first of its kind for Hellmann’s, that truly captures his love for mayonnaise,” said Chris Symmes, Marketing Director, Dressings & Condiments at Unilever Nutrition North America. “His viral mayonnaise-in-coffee sensation caught our attention – but above all – we hope our collaboration with Will serves as a reminder of the incredible versatility of our product. Hellmann’s is an essential Game Day, and every day, ingredient, capable of elevating and bringing new life to your favorite foods…and even drinks.”

This is a nice bit of good news for Levis. His slide to the second round of the draft, unanticipated by many draft pundits (and even ESPN’s analytics), is estimated to have cost him around $20 million based on the rookie contract scales. And his time with the Titans so far has produced some not-so-great headlines. But now he at least won’t have to pay for his mayo habit.

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