It’s been a bit of a fairy tale season for the Columbus Blue Jackets, as they’ve gone from cellar dwellers to one of the top teams in the NHL.

A lot of the credit can go to the Blue Jackets’ terrific depth on offense, and their captain Nick Foligno is a main cog in the lineup. He mixes toughness with just the right amount of scoring touch.

Tonight against the Buffalo Sabres, Foligno showed off his scoring prowess with a slick move around Buffalo defenseman Jake McCabe:

The Sabres couldn’t have botched this any more if they tried. The easy entry into the zone is the first mark against them. The second mark is McCabe sagging way off of Foligno. And the third is the bullfighter impression McCabe pulls off on the play. What was he trying to do? It was an invitation into the zone.

Nonetheless, it takes a lot of skill to pull that off and place it in the top right hand corner of the net. The Jackets are hoping this is a good omen for them as the playoffs approach and a tough first round matchup looms large.

More plays like this will surely help the cause.

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